I love the apple store.

I know the apple store is efficient and they've spent a lot of time streamlining the experience. Know what? They succeeded.

I went in there today, knowing what I wanted. I had an old laptop battery to recycle and I wanted the family pack upgrade to Snow Leopard. I started a timer when I walked through the doors of the store. Nobody was available so I wandered a bit inwards. Pretty soon, someone came up and asked if he could help me.

When all was said and done and I was walking out of the store, I stopped the timer.


that's hot shit.


Vineet said...

Not in NYC =(

I knew exactly what I needed too: we've got a macbook (under warranty) with a dead HDD. Of course, I can't say that myself, I need a Genius to make that diagnosis. And of course, I can't see a Genius without an appointment. And of course, all the appointments are booked. What do you mean "all" of them? Like ... forever? 'Fraid so.

So eventually I end up at a certified third-party service provider (at least I can drop in), but they say I need to wait 5 days for the replacement drive to appear from Apple.

Sigh. In the end, I conclude I would have been better off saving the money I spent on AppleCare and instead spending it on a new HDD, which I could have replaced myself in 20 minutes.

So it turns out it's just like the rest of the Apple experience: when it works, it frickin' works. But when it doesn't ... gods help you.

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