Officially In Shape

After yesterday's outing, I think I need to declare myself officially in shape.  I rode my bicycle up to the Little Farm in Tilden Park, then ran out the fire road into Wildcat, with a small figure eight through the Tilden Nature Area.
  • Total distance: 14.2 miles
  • Clock time: 2:20
  • Moving time: 1:56 (I was distracted by some mayday dancers)
  • Bike ride up to the Little Farm: 2.45 miles in 18 minutes
  • Run: 7.5 miles in 72 minutes
  • Bike ride back home: 4.25 miles in 26 minutes (I took a different route, going by the merry go round)
  • Total elevation gain: 1762 feet

Wildlife seen:
  • Wild turkey
  • Maypole dancers
  • Bunny rabbit
  • Bird Photographer
  • Squirrel

 (track comes from a Garmin Oregon 450.  Image comes from Google Earth.  Labels come from Jing. Obsessive behavior comes from Ben)