Netflix, Tivo, Troubles and Triumph

When Tivo and Netflix announced their alliance, I rejoiced. It is fantastic to browse through a list of movies, choose one, and have it magically show up on your TV. Well done.


We tried to watch Empire Records, and the sound and video were several seconds apart. Bummer. I tried it on my laptop, and it was just fine, but we wanted to watch it on the TV.

So I called netflix! They have an 800 number on their contact page with 24hour support, and the website lists how long the hold queue is! That's pretty cool. The wait was only a minute, so I called. It was actually less, and the woman who answered the phone asked me the right questions, put me on hold for a moment, and then told me that it was a known problem and the video would be re-encoded. The Tivo gets its videos streamed from a different set of servers from when you watch the movie on your laptop, so it's not uncommon for one to be broken and the other work.

So while it kinda sucks that the video we wanted to watch was not working just right, I'm quite impressed by the availability and quality of 24hour phone support.

So Boo. Yay! Boo. Yay!

Off to watch something else...

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