Jailbreak iphone 2.2? FAIL! I HAZ SUCCESS!

I'm sad. I'm doubly plus ungood sad. I can't jailbreak my phone after upgrading to the 2.2 firmware. It seems apple's trying to throw a wrench into the plans of all those people that want to use their device beyond its intended and approved preconceptions.

Two ways apple is disrupting the flow:
* After upgrading to Mac OS 10.5.6, you can't enter DFU mode
* If you're using one of the new Macbook or Macbook Pros, you can't enter DFU mode

I am luck enough for my work to let me use one of these shiny MBPs (they really are awesome), but I'm sad they've broken my phone.

Oh tethered internet, how I do miss thee!

Another interesting bit - after upgrading to 2.2, not all of my applications are showing up. I don't know if it's actually true, but I use the Categories app, and I wonder if some of them haven't had the 'hidden' bit set and I'm unable to unset it. Amusingly enough, one of the missing applications is 'Settings.' Oops.

[UPDATE 2009-01-02]

I finally wound up doing a complete restore and not using the backup. After this, all my apps came back - something in the backup was preventing them from showing up (I presume the 'hidden icon' attribute that Categories had set).

However, the big news is that unibody macbooks can jailbreak iPhones! Many thanks to all those who put in hard work to make this happen - my phone is now once again jailbroken. Hooray!

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