nike+ipod does not promote healthy exercise

A while ago I got the nike+ ipod gizmo. I like it. I usually go by setting a time limit for my run, and I really appreciate that it tones down the music and says '10 minutes' or 'half way' and things like that. Plus, with an arm band and an iPod nano, running to music is great.

But I've got beef with it (nevermind that it doesn't run on firefox), and there is no effective place to give feedback.

You all know what they say about a healthy workout, right? 7-10 minutes warm up, 15+ minutes keeping your heart rate above 120bpm (adjusted for age), and 5-10 minutes cool down, right?

The warm up part is easy - just don't run so hard until you get going. But when you're running with the nike+ setup, there is no way to effectively include your cool down period. Ok, let's think about this.

  • You could tell nike your run is 60 minutes and just stop at 50 to cool down. Well, aside from time, nike+ keeps things like average speed, and if you actually want to know what your average speed was, including the cool down period in there screws it up.

  • You could just run your 60 minutes and then cool down after on your own. Well, ok, you certainly can, but when you "finish" your workout, it stops the music! It's not at all obvious how to get back to the same track and pick up where you left off, not to mention not really wanting to poke a bunch of buttons when you're all hot and sweaty.

Every exercise machine in the gym does it, why do Nike and Apple not include any cool down period in the nike+ setup?

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